Let's do the math


Borrowing effectively and responsibly.

Part of our role in your financial journey is maximising your borrowing potential, then advising you on how to borrow responsibly for your long term beneift. Our inhouse financial tools allow us to provide a budget designed around your lending and personal finance. 

We can forecast your financial future and use some mortgage numbers to reverse engineer your retirement goals. Having helped many clients from zero to several properties, we know how to work the numbers and lay it out for you step by step, so all you have to do is follow the blueprint provided. 

Crunching those numbers

What would your loan repayments look like?

The calculator below allows us to track the trajectory of your mortgage for a principal and interest table loan. This is the most common loan type for residential mortgage holders in New Zealand. It highlights the very crucial concept of compound interest savings. The more you can pay towards your weekly/fortnightly/monthly mortgage repayment, the less interest you pay over the length of your loan. This is one of the many key concepts we teach that allow our clients to become masters of their financial future.

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