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Experts in all kinds of lending

Having settled over $350,000,000 in lending over their careers, our advisers know their stuff.

 From coaching first home buyers into taking the first leap, to helping seasoned investors purchase their 5th investment property, our team has done it all and has the network to make sure your loan gets processed as seamlessly as possible. 

Buying your first home

If you’re feeling stressed about purchasing your first home, know that you’re not the only one. The good news is that we’ve helped hundreds of New Zealanders in acquiring their homes, and we’re here to assist you as well. There are a few initial considerations you should keep in mind:

  • To secure the best properties, it’s essential to arrange all your legal and financial prerequisites in advance.
  • Prior to seeking pre-approval, it’s advisable to look at any outstanding debts. Debts such as student loans and consumer financing may hinder your loan application, but you’ll know this before you send us any documents.
  • Start a conversation with us early to set things in motion. Banks require a substantial amount of paperwork and time to process your loan application, so the sooner we initiate the process, the better.

Buying your next home

Most Kiwis grow out of their family home and have two options in front of them. Renovating your existing home to improve the space or selling to upgrade into a better home. We’ve found most people go for the second option as the value of their property has increased since the time they’ve purchased it and there is room for a bigger deposit if they sold their home.

We know there are a few moving parts to make this happen smoothly & having done this for countless families, a proper plan needs to be in place.

Few things to think about:

  • Net Deposit.
  •  Pre-approval on the basis of the net deposit and your current borrowing power.
  • Having your settlement date a few months out to have time to look at your new family home!
  • Having an offer on your own home and using the seller’s deposit for the purchase of your new home (This avoids taking on expensive bridging debt)

There’s a lot more than these points to consider, so get in touch now as proper planning makes this a breeze!

New build & construction loans

Whether you’re looking to purchase land and build, purchase a turn key property or develop on your existing, the team at Blueprint can assist.

The Construction loan process can be very complex, for example lending criteria differs a lot across different banks. This is why you need to work closely with your adviser to make sure the loan you’ve chosen is right for you.

The construction loan process can be lengthy and the details of your build/personal situation can change throughout. It’s important to work with your broker/builder closely to foresee any changes that could affect your application.

We’re here to make sure you navigate the construction process as smoothly as possible, whether is be your first home or a large property development.

Refixing/restructuring or refinancing.

Refixing your mortgage at your current bank and pushing for a decent offer can become a tedious task, don’t expect your bank loyalty to come in handy.

It’s important to talk to an adviser who does this for a living and acts between yourself and your current bank to get the best deal.

While doing this, the advisers will also give you other bank options and negotiate rates and cash back offers for the new bank to take on your business. This means a proper calculation is delivered to you highlighting all benefits and risks to ensure you are well equipped to make an informed decision.

This is the biggest direct debit in your life, so getting top advice is non-negotiable! This process also allows you to restructure any debt into different loan products & set yourself up by considering all future events that are happening in your life – from family planning, to purchasing an investment property in the future. We take all events, past, present and future into consideration.

Investing in property

Many New Zealanders who have been first home owners for sometime naturally look at using the hard earned equity they have built in that home to purchase another.

Kiwi’s invest their hard-earned money in assets that offer both a visually appealing and tangible value, and real estate stands out as one of the most favoured investment choices.

Here at Blueprint, we have accreditations with all of the major lenders. This allows us to tailor a financial plan for our clients to help them keep growing and manage their cash flow.

Building a solid portfolio of rentals starts by assembling a team of individuals with the appropriate expertise. Whether it’s accountants, solicitors, or mortgage advisers, having the right team with the right skill set can accelerate your journey toward achieving financial freedom.

We can provide access to and suggest professionals to work with.

Business lending & personal loans

Asset finance, car loans and business lending can become an expensive affair, rather than looking for the sharpest rates left, right and centre – it can work against you and having multiple credit checks reduces your chances of approval.

We work on the duration and flexibility to pay off these debts fast, reducing your time duration and calculating the total interest you would pay and plan ahead to exit this debt.

Depending if that’s important, or cash flow is an issue, we can tailor the terms, negotiate the best rate and create an offering which suits your individual needs rather than just getting ‘approved’.

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