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Showing Kiwis the way ahead.

The Blueprint team was birthed by two established members of the mortgage industry who recognised a need for a business focusing on sound financial planning for Kiwis who want to get ahead.

Our advisers understand that every single person has a completely unique financial “blueprint”, with different needs and especially different goals.¬†With a combined 15 years of industry experience, Madhav and Dan have a very good idea of what the perfect client journey looks like, and strive to provide that elite level of service day in and day out.

To ensure that our advice process caters to all Kiwis, we have built a business and several financial tools allowing us to provide tailored financial advice to each of our clients, no matter how big or small their needs. Our advisers take pride in their award winning service by constantly learning and improving this process to make sure that clients who come to Blueprint remain clients for life.

So who is Blueprint?

Meet the team

Daniel Lipman

Director & Financial Adviser

Daniel has been in the business of helping clients with their mortgages for 8 years and calls it his passion project.

From first home buyers to 5+ property investors, Daniel has seen it all as a mortgage adviser and has the skills needed to navigate any application.

He has settled over $200 million in mortgage transactions and has been ranked in the NZ Top Advisers list in 2021, 22, & 23.

Outside of providing top service and financial advice, Daniel is a big part of the Auckland basketball community and has been for most of his life, as a player and a coach.

Daniel can’t live without his Spotify premium membership, He enjoys his history (the classics) and of course spending time with family.

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Madhav Bhandari

Director & Financial Adviser

With 7 years of experience across mortgages, personal and commercial lending, Madhav is considered a titan of the financial services industry.

His expert advice and duty of care for clients has put his services in high demand. He settled $88 million in residential lending in the year of 2022 and was ranked 14th in the NZ Top Advisers list for 2023.

Madhav has held roles in non-bank, asset finance brokering and with the bank, which gives him a very unique and valuable perspective on the lending process.

Outside of his work, Madhav loves the great outdoors and spends plenty of time hiking up and down New Zealand’s great landscapes with his wife.

Madhav is also a keen video editor and spends a lot of time working across the Blueprint social media platforms.

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